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Ravens cry on on moonlit beach

A witch cast spells by djambe beat

Alone she thought with stars and moon

Then a druid appeared – though more a loon

He skipped on passed “Come frolic in the brink”

“Youre mad she said…” but he made her think

So cautiously she removed her shoes

And waded into the murky blue

Pale flesh glistened, a laugh a shout

Deity’s to darkness prance about

Melted away the chaos of day

And dance they did in sands of grey

Rain came down without a care in sight

Drifters and witches danced through the night

Smoke and realms of higher places

A pirates grin on both their faces

Gin swilling under Gaias gaze

And when dawn came they parted ways

Whether their paths again shall meet

Always they will dance on moonlit beach


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